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Your company is growing and you need a person who will take care of the HR area – a Specialist, Recruiter, HR Manager? Perhaps, instead of hiring an employee, you’d prefer to use rental HR services, paid by the hour? Do you need support in HR processes, are you considering a development plan for your employees or leaders and want to verify your idea? Do you want to be sure that your organization’s HR processes are top-level? SmartWays can help you!

Why is it worth talking to us?


you will learn whether the remuneration you offer is competitive and fair. Thanks to this, you can avoid the outflow of employees and increase the chance of employing additional ones


we will support your organization in employer branding activities. We will help you design better mechanisms for the development of employee competences and prepare paths for evolution for individual positions


you will develop the competences of the current HR team members (review of processes and mentoring of your existing HR team)

the team

we will support your company in implementing more effective team management practices

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SmartWays offer and let us prepare
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