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Smartaays IT Contracting – a great alternative to employment

Your IT team can’t cope with the overload of responsibilities and needs help? For example, you may be anxious to implement a new technology urgently, which requires you to recruit specialists for a narrow field. Or you may have a project deadline approaching and need another developer to join your team immediately. If your IT recruitment efforts are not yielding the expected result and you want to save on a costly and lengthy recruitment process, which at the same time does not guarantee that you will hire the right people, use the help of experienced recruiters from Smartways recruitment agency and hire IT contractor that will develop their own career path and enhance flexible working environment in your own business.

IT contracting is hiring IT specialists for the duration of projects or having them carry out specific activities from the technology industry and implement a particular project.

IT contractors – hire high-class specialists

With many years of experience in HR and an extensive network of contacts, we can carry out the recruitment process quickly and efficiently and obtain IT contractors of various skills for you. In addition, we can hire cohesive teams of experts who will efficiently perform the necessary activities and positively influence the entire process of a specific project.

Quick access to IT specialists

If you are implementing new technology, you need people who can handle it. As part of IT contracting, we can provide you with IT specialists specializing in modern solutions (e.g., react, node.js, flutter, .net) that will increase the efficiency of the entire international teams. Unfortunately, they are hard to find in the labor market. Moreover, their recruitment time may be too long to start the project efficiently. Our service will allow you to get ahead of the competition, thanks to the news of the IT world! The IT contractor will perform the time-consuming task you entrust to him under business requirements and the essential guidelines of individual projects. Moreover, we will conduct the entire IT contracting process in the changing environment with respect to your needs, carefully analyzing the job profile and guaranteeing a personalized approach. We will handle the basic formalities in the form of a phone call, and we can make the final arrangements at the customer’s premises.

Savings with IT contractors

Hiring many contractors means you don’t have to pay labor and recruitment costs. You also save on training. You pay only for the hours of their work, or the execution of a project, benefiting immediately from the experience and skill set. By acquiring specialists quickly, you also don’t incur losses related to the inefficiency of your IT department or the underutilization of needed technology. Implementing IT contracting solutions thus supports the recruitment process, including team leasing and body leasing, quickly bringing tangible benefits.

Clear settlement and cooperation, as long as you need

IT contracting settlements with Smartways recruitment agency are based on payment for the hours of IT contractor or projects completed. This gives you control over your budget. You can also easily end your cooperation with them (unlike an employee relationship) when you no longer need our specialists.

Types of IT Contracting

Body Leasing

The solution is to hire an IT contractor or IT contractors for a specific period.. Their competencies are tailored to the nature of the project that the organization plans to carry out. It is a great way to urgently expand a department with specialized, experienced contractors who can carry out tasks related to modern technologies, e.g., implementation of a new ERP system, construction or development of a mobile application – or improvement of cybersecurity mechanisms.

This type of IT specialist may include programmers, people involved in project management (e.g., Scrum Masters), consultants, analysts, web developers, and testers. Their leasing is short-term and calculated for the implementation of a specific task. This most often concerns people with narrow specializations – extensive skills are not needed by the company since there is no question of permanent employment.

Team Leasing

Team Leasing is also employee rental, but it does not apply to individual specialists but to entire IT contractor teams. These people have worked with each other before, meaning there are no problems with internal communication.
They know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and implement projects according to a specific methodology. This translates into high productivity.

This saves you the need to build a team on your own and the company a lot of time that would otherwise need to be allocated towards recruitment. When recruiting on its own, the company also wouldn’t have any guarantee of creating a sufficiently well-coordinated group of specialists. The time needed for this harmonization would also make it more competitive over the organization.

Moreover, Team Leasing may provide an opportunity for greater cost control. By commissioning a team to perform a specific task, the customer can settle accounts with IT Contracting on a Fixed Price basis (in case of tasks where this is possible). Thus, the payment applies to the completed project. Another model is Time & Material, where the company bears the cost of the resources used by the team and the time spent on the project. Such flexible cooperation allows for maximum use of the budget and its optimal allocation in relation to the needs of IT projects.

Managed Services

Managed Services is a solution that allows you to outsource the handling of specific IT processes. It guarantees the performance of designated activities by external experts and relieves the burden on the internal IT team. It also provides access to the know-how and specialized skills of the outsourcing company’s employees. Managed Services also reduce the additional costs of running IT projects and improve process efficiency accordingly.

The tasks commissioned in this model include, among others:

  • ensuring the cybersecurity of the organization
  • network and infrastructure management
  • data analysis
  • technical assistance
  • sharing and management of cloud services

Why choose IT contracting at Smartways?

Access to top-class specialists

We at Smartways understand that you need to find quality IT professionals quickly. With our proven HR strategies, we attract and acquire the most qualified IT contractor. We guarantee speed, more control and efficiency and a flexible form of cooperation that ensures that our recruiters will match your business needs.

Professional HR recruitment interviews and negotiations

We can convince even the most sought-after IT experienced contractors to work with your company or organization. As a result, advanced technology projects have a chance of success. The talent search process and the competence of the specialists are essential to us. Thanks to our extensive network of contacts in IT contracting, we reach specialists quickly, and in most cases, we successfully conclude recruitment negotiations.

Out-of-the-box delivering services in IT recruitment

We recruit committed, creative and flexible IT contractor who can offer your company or organization innovative solutions in the technology industry. Whether you need support for a specific IT project for a limited time or are recruiting permanently, at Smartways, we will tailor IT specialist sourcing models to your actual needs.

Listening to the HR client’s needs

Smartways recruitment agency specialists carefully analyze each project to maximize the excellent match between IT talent and your needs. This ensures that the selected candidates will perform best and deliver IT services at the highest level.

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