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Are you looking for leaders who will lead your company to success? It will not be easy, because high-class managers are usually employed in other organizations and are not actively looking for a job …

At SmartWays, we offer you specialist assistance – we search the market to find you highly qualified candidates matching the profile of a given position.

The following help us in this:

  • a wide base of own contacts,
  • excellent knowledge of the local and international market,
  • specialized social media search skills,
  • knowledge of the needs of high-level managers,
  • the ability to conduct effective recruitment negotiations.

Over the years of work, we have improved our know-how and have accumulated unique experience in the field of finding candidates and involving them in the recruitment process. For this reason, we are able to optimally perform such a specialized service. We will find and acquire a candidate who will bring real value to your organization.

How the executive search works:

1. Analysis of the organization’s requirements

By talking to the HR director and designated people in your company, we gain as much knowledge as possible about its needs. We analyze the culture of the organization in detail and define the precise requirements for potential leaders. During consultations, we can propose our own solutions known to us through our market-related knowledge and implemented projects. Thanks to this, you will gain a “fresh perspective” regarding the candidate market.

2. Development of the candidate’s profile

Based on the knowledge acquired during the consultation, we will define the exact profile of the candidate. It will contain a detailed list of duties and challenges, required qualifications, competences and experience. The goal is to achieve full understanding and choose the optimal search strategy.

3. Searching for candidates

We prepare a list of candidates potentially meeting the previously defined requirements based on our network of contacts, market knowledge or direct search. This is also done by selecting companies that can potentially employ them at the moment.

4. Contact with candidates

We contact the people on our list of potential candidates. We organize meetings with those interested in taking up the given position. During those meetings we conduct thorough interviews, verifying the knowledge and skills of the candidates. We then compile a shortlist of suitable people and detailed reports.

5. Solid research about the candidates

If necessary, we ask candidates for references and verify them. References allow us to further determine whether a given candidate is properly matched to the organization.

6. Meetings of the candidates with the client and employment of the right person

Once we have completed the selection stage, we arrange face-to-face interviews between the most suitable candidates and representatives of your organization. We help coordinate meetings and support the client in negotiating the terms of cooperation.

Why us?

we have many years of experience and apply proven procedures

Due to the fact that we have carried out many different projects, we have become specialists in the field of recruitment and can adapt our services to the needs of every company. We rely on procedures that constantly prove their effectiveness, which translates into the effectiveness of our activities.

we have an extensive database of potential employees

Over the years, we have collected information that allows us to efficiently search for people with specific features and competences. Our databases are perfectly complemented by activities based on job advertisements and social media.

we actually listen to the client’s needs

We know how important it is to talk to the client regarding their requirements. We try to get to learn about their needs in detail, in order to tailor the applied solutions.

we conduct professional talks and negotiations

We have spent tens of thousands of hours on recruitment interviews, allowing us to hire the right people. By recruiting employees for higher or specialist positions, we are able to conduct successful negotiations even with the most demanding and difficult (and hard to convince) candidates.

we are characterized by unconventional approach

We bring a fresh perspective to recruitment processes. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are also innovative and able to think outside the box. We offer competent services, displaying a great deal of creativity.

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