A tough situation forces the company to reduce employment, but it doesn’t want to leave employees on ice? Rightly so, as it’s the ethical thing to do and is beneficial for the company’s reputation. But how to do it? The answer is outplacement offered by SmartWays.

Outplacement provides the dismissed people with a better start on the labor market. This is all the more important as many of them may need additional support in looking for a job or preparing for job interviews. We offer help and consultation in areas such as preparing a CV, using social media (such as LinkedIn), or participating in interviews. We also conduct effective career coaching and offer job opportunities with our partners that match their qualifications.

Thanks to SmartWays outplacement, you can be sure that employees covered by the layoff program will receive professional support. They will be in the good hands of our specialists who know the labor market very well – its requirements and how to meet them!

Benefits of outplacement

Easier start for dismissed employees

People who have not been looking for a new job for a long time often face problems related to re-entering this stage. We conduct consultations and practical trainings, equipping them with the right tools, allowing them to re-enter the labor market. We help them prepare a job search strategy, based on their work experience and skills. We also try to discover their passions, in order to jointly develop a plan for finding a satisfactory job.

We advise the dismissed people on the development of a professional CV that will be convincing for the future employer and will positively stand out among others.

The psychological support we provide is also not without significance. Being made redundant, especially after many years of work, may be a very difficult experience for the people affected, cutting their proverbial wings. We help them deal with difficult emotions and regain self-confidence, and motivate them to actively seek a new job.

Workshops on preparing employees for an interview include, among others exercises, simulations of job interviews and preparation of answers to frequently asked questions. People involved in the training cope better with “real” conversations.

All these measures are especially important for people with a difficult professional transition, e.g. those who need to change industries or who have a very long work experience with one employer. The outplacement program can last from several weeks to several months. We start our activities as early as during the notice period, in order to increase the chances of finding a new job before the end of the employment relationship with the current Employer.

Caring for the social reputation of the organization

For your brand to be considered ethical and trustworthy, it must treat its employees well. Job cuts can undermine a company’s good image. Therefore your company should, through its actions, ensure the public opinion that it cares about the dismissed persons.

Better employee morale

The well-being of the dismissed employees is very important – but also of those who remain in the company. All job cuts make those who stay at the company uneasy, wondering what would happen if it was their turn.

A good outplacement process will make people who stay in the company aware that they will not be left to fend for themselves, even in a difficult situation. They will perceive the organization as loyal to employees and caring for their needs.

Why us?

many years of experience

While implementing outplacement projects, we dealt with people who were losing their jobs. We got to know their diverse needs and attitudes. Thanks to this, we are able to help them effectively.
We have developed our own support and training programs that provide real help for people affected by job cuts.

wide database of contacts

In our activity, we also recruit employees for other companies. This means that sometimes we can offer the dismissed the opportunity to get a job where we are currently recruiting. Perhaps their competences will prove to be ideal when expanding our client team

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