Volume recruitment

Need to hire a large number of employees in a short time? Do you also want to maintain the high quality of recruitment, even though it is to be carried out quickly? It is an endeavor that requires exceptional skill, efficiency, and the ability to use the right tools from HR specialists.

We base volume recruitment activities on experience and proven methods of operation. We use both modern technologies and traditional ways of talent acquisition. We operate on many levels to generate the correct number of qualified candidates in a short time during the hiring process. That’s why high volume hiring with the help of Smartways recruitment agency is quick and efficient, and you get a list of potential candidates ready for employment in a short time.

Volume recruitment – the flow of the process with Smartways:

1. Assessment of the needs of the organization and estimation of resources

During the high volume hiring, it is essential to build a complete plan. The number of vacancies, job boards and the details of the organization’s needs are carefully assessed against the characteristics of the candidates. Based on this information, we will prepare a joint action plan, communication rules, and goals in accordance with the client’s requirements.

2. Conducting a marketing campaign

In volume recruitment, traditional job advertisements are often not sufficient. Different types of marketing campaign are needed. We have to prepare their message, determining the form of advertisements (e.g. billboards, banners, sponsored links, radio and TV advertisements). In order to make these decisions, the target group must be accurately identified and measures adapted accordingly. You gain an efficient hiring process that makes your company more competitive.

3. Automation of high volume recruitment

Meeting high requirements and time pressure requires us to use systems that allow for process automation. We use specialized tools for this purpose, including the ATS system. This allows to create a database of candidates based on their CVs, manage the recruitment project and precise reporting. Automation reduces the amount of work for recruiters, allowing them to effectively contact a large list of candidates and streamline the hiring funnel.

4. Recruitment interviews during the volume hiring

Based on our experience in recruitment, we are able to quickly recognize whether the person we are currently talking to will meet the requirements and fit the organizational culture. We know people.

5. Reporting in high volume hiring

We provide the client with reports regarding candidates in high volume recruiting process. We are also in constant contact with the organization, informing about the goals of the project and the obstacles encountered.

6. Assistance in offering candidates and closing the project

We support managers in diagnosing the candidate’s needs and preparing to submit an offer during the high volume recruiting. Then we finish our activities by presenting the company with final reports. Such a high volume recruitment strategy definitely streamlines the entire hiring process and makes the company more competitive.

Why outsource volume recruitment to Smartways specialists?

Experience in volume recruitment – we apply proven procedures

We have conducted numerous volume recruitments. Thanks to this, we learned which strategies work best in this type of activity and successful hiring. We are able to optimally select resources to best accomplish the task.

Knowledge and appropriate tools

Specialized tools are essential for successful volume recruitment. We know which of them allow for the best automation of processes, allowing us to carry them out faster and more efficiently.

The ability to use new technologies

In order to efficiently acquire new right candidates during the mass hiring, you need to know where to look for them. An effective way to find people willing to work is through social media. We know how to effectively advertise in them and where to post relevant information, thanks to which we can easily reach the target group.

We are characterized by unconventional approach

Our hiring managers approach each HR project individually, treating it as a challenge. We adjust solutions to the specifics of a given recruitment and job ads. We propose optimal strategies for interview process, thanks to which you can achieve perfect results in regular recruitment process or high volume recruitment.

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