Permanent recruitment – direct search

Do you have to post advertisements when looking for employees and wait for the right people to contact you? Not necessarily! Let SmartWays help you and speed up the recruitment process – gain better-suited employees thanks to our Direct Search service.

Why Direct Search?

When recruiting via Direct Search, we are actively looking for candidates for specific positions. It works perfectly, for example, in the case of specialists we reach directly. The basic features of Direct Search and the most important advantages of this method are:

reaching passive candidates

There are many people who are not actively looking for a job or browsing job offers, making traditional advertisements useless in their case. We can reach those candidates using the Direct Search method, contacting them directly with an interesting offer. On your behalf, the SmartWays recruiter will contact carefully selected people, who fit well with the specificity of the open position.

acquiring top-tier specialists

In the case of positions requiring high competencies, finding the right person can be a real problem … By choosing Direct Search with SmartWays, you will acquire candidates with specific skills. This is relevant, for example, in the field of new technologies or niche skills, such as knowledge of specific machines, software or foreign languages, e.g. Chinese, Dutch or Norwegian.

You might be planning to implement an innovative solution, to give yourself a competitive advantage. In this scenario, you will definitely need people who will be able to use it, often with specific skills and knowledge. It is very likely that you will not find them among the active jobseekers, as specialists of this kind are highly sought after by companies. SmartWays Direct Search is here to help. We are able to reach excellent specialists, even from the area of most modern solutions, and recruit them for your team.

shortening the recruitment process

The future and success of a project often depend on quickly hiring someone for a vacant position. Sudden resignations or illnesses happen, and the implemented technologies require the acquisition of a specialist in a narrow field – ASAP!

Losses that may result from a reduction in the efficiency of the team’s work, a project stoppage, or a reduction in the competitive advantage, can be very painful for the organization. Swift action is of utmost importance – you cannot afford a prolonged recruitment process.

SmartWays specializes in solving this type of issues. Thanks to the Direct Search method, you will significantly reduce the time needed to recruit an employee. You will also gain a wider selection of candidates with higher competencies.

Why us?

we have proven methods of searching for candidates

We are well versed in social media and non-standard methods of searching for candidates. We have our own, proprietary methods of online and offline search for high-class specialists.

we have an extensive database of potential employees

Over the years, we have collected information that allows us to efficiently search for people with specific features and competences. Our databases are perfectly complemented by activities based on job advertisements and social media.

we are characterized by unconventional thinking

We bring a fresh perspective to recruitment processes. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are also innovative and able to think outside the box. We are able to offer you competent services with a creative approach and effective methods of reaching the candidates you’re looking for.

we actually listen to the client’s needs

We know how important it is to talk to the client regarding their requirements. We try to get to know the specifics of the industry, company and job position in order to be able to know how to conduct any given search.

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