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we’ve got a better job for you

we’ve got a better job for you

kobieta biznesu

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Smartways is a recruitment agency made up of experienced professionals who are well acquainted with the IT labor market, finance, sales, procurement, and other industries. With our proven recruitment strategies, we attract and acquire the most qualified candidates. We guarantee speed and efficiency in both body leasing, direct search, IT contracting, HR outsourcing, executive search, and recruitment process outsourcing.

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You are on the best way to taking the next step in your professional career. Use the experience and personalized approach of the experts at Smartways recruitment agency to find the next job that will spread your wings, give you a feeling of accomplishment, and simultaneously guarantee a sense of stability. The best jobs in IT, finance, sales, procurement, and other industries and reliable employers are just a click away!

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Our recruitment processes are fully controlled thanks to transparent management and reporting systems. SmartWays consultants are systematically trained and ensure they understand our clients’ business.

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In our database, you will find many interesting new job opportunities that will meet your professional expectations and challenge you to foster growth in IT, new technology, management, sales, or finance. Choose a sector or a position and get acquainted with the essential requirements. Then, we will take care of the rest of the recruitment process

Outsource your talent search to an experienced recruiting agency!

Smartways recruitment agency was founded in 2016 due to a simple observation – HR recruitment and consulting services have not kept up with changing business needs. Our experts are constantly tracking economic and market trends, so they are always one step ahead of the competition in terms of the needs of today’s employers, as well as the expectations of candidates.

At Smartways, we recruit for both large corporations and smaller companies or start-ups. Our services include direct search, contracting, body leasing, executive search, recruitment process outsourcing, volume recruitment, and HR outsourcing. In our day-to-day work, we understand very well what factors make the difference in sourcing top talent candidates and next job search, which gives us an edge. As one of the best recruitment agencies in Cracow and Poland, we accelerate the path to success for our partners. Our mission is to be number one in recruitment services for clients, candidates, and consultants.

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    Smartways recruitment agency – change the labor market with us

    Smartways recruitment company is formed by a team of professionals who share the same values. We are distinguished by an individual approach to each recruitment process, deep commitment and understanding of our client’s business needs, and a fast pace of action to achieve the set goals. Above all, we focus on transparency and maximally precise matching of candidates’ profiles to vacancies and to the needs of a given company. You can rely on us when you search jobs, ideal candidates or have a new job offer you want to promote.

    Smartways recruitment company connects businesses and candidates

    At Smartways recruitment company, we have connected work seekers at various job title and companies looking for talent for over six years. We use innovative marketing and advertising techniques in all recruitment processes conducted by our HR experts, and we are direct and sincere in our approach. From the first minutes of cooperation, we try our best to learn the employer’s values and the nature of the business being conducted. Thanks to this, we can perfectly match the profiles of candidates, which significantly speeds up the recruitment process and increases the likelihood of its successful completion. In addition, this improves our recruitment agency’s long-term relationships with clients and candidates.

    Why should you entrust recruitment to the experts from Smartways recruitment agency?

    • Recruitment experience and specialization

    • Smartways recruitment agency has significant experience recruiting competent candidates for various job title in IT, finance, new technologies, or procurement positions. For years, we have successfully connected qualified professionals with companies struggling to hire the right people for the right jobs. As a result, our experience and specialization become an element of competitive advantage and a chance to quickly find talent that will support the growth of your business.
    • Good knowledge of the labor market

    • Experts from the recruitment company Smartways boast in-depth knowledge of the labor market and economic situation, so they can adequately match candidates with the needs of a particular client. Therefore, it’s not just about the achievable salary for a specific position but, more importantly, the range of soft and hard skills needed. This ensures that the people recommended for a given next job will meet our client’s expectations, and at the same time, we don’t have to worry about their future career paths.
    • Extensive HR contacts

    • A good and effective recruitment agency should have extensive contacts with candidates and companies looking for employees, allowing it to find the right talent and fill vacancies quickly. At Smartways, we understand this very well, which is why we are constantly developing our candidate base for IT, finance, new technology, procurement, or purchasing positions. Above all, we value lasting relationships based on transparency and trust, which bring several tangible benefits to all parties involved in recruitment.
    • Effective recruitment methods

    • The specific nature of the work of each recruitment agency requires the development of its standards of customer service. Although at the core of effective recruitment methods lie primarily the ability to analyze resumes, conduct interviews, or perform psychological tests to select the best candidates for a position, the quality of the relationships established also matters. At recruitment company Smartways, we focus on communication, partnership, and transparency in our dealings with candidates and company representatives.

    Entrust recruitment in the hands of the experts at Smartways recruitment agency

    Today’s pace of change in the labor market, especially in industries such as IT, new technologies, sales, finance, or purchasing, makes it challenging to find qualified employees with the right competencies and experience.
    Instead of wasting time and resources on your own, entrust search jobs to the hands of the experts at Smartways recruitment company. We have been continuously sourcing top talent candidates form many job title for our clients since 2016, and the relationships we establish with them are long-term.
    We are fearless in asking, we deeply analyze the needs of companies to maximize the matching of candidate profiles with actual position needs. Direct search, executive search, body leasing – regardless of the form and scope of cooperation, we guarantee a high level of service, which translates into the effectiveness of recruitment processes – not only in Krakow but also in Poland and abroad.