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Vacancies at your company are growing exponentially, and your HR team is not big enough to recruit the right number of employees or lacks specific competencies? Your company has no recruiter or is in the process of looking for one, and other recruitment processes are on hold? Are you constantly getting emails titled “Where are the candidates”?

SmartWays On Site Recruiter is the solution. It’s based on delegating a highly qualified recruiter to your company. Our employee or the entire team will be at your disposal as long as needed. Thanks to this, you will quickly start acquiring new talents or carry out other HR activities (such as onboarding, offboarding, optimization of recruitment processes or training).

full focus on the project

The delegated recruiter is dedicated to one organization only. They are able to get to know its culture, get along with the team and understand the challenges it faces.

knowledge and experience

SmartWays recruiters are top-class specialists who know everything about HR. It is also very important that they had the opportunity to participate in many different projects. This allowed them to gain experience that is not available to people working in the recruitment departments of companies on a permanent basis. In addition, our specialists are up to date with industry trends, which will allow your company to increase the efficiency of recruitment activities.

a fresh look

A SmartWays delegated recruiter brings in an objective perspective of the way your HR team works and thinks. This may result in valuable comments that will give you a chance to go beyond the usual patterns of project implementation.

rapid team expansion

If you want to hire another person for the HR department, your company would have to suffer through a long recruitment process. During this time, the department would not fully meet the company’s needs, and the vacancies would still be open and the pressure from the business would be growing… SmartWays On Site Recruiter service allows you to gain an experienced employee practically overnight!

access to SmartWays resources and tools

Our specialists use advanced HR tools that optimize their activities. They also have access to our databases, facilitating them in attracting valuable candidates. Thus, you get not only the help of our experts but also the opportunity to use the full potential of SmartWays!

Why us?

access to top-class specialists

At Smartways, we understand the need to find high-level specialists – ASAP. Thanks to our proven strategies, we attract and keep the most qualified candidates. We guarantee speed and efficiency in action.

professional talks and negotiations

We are able to convince even the most sought-after experts to cooperate with your organization. Thanks to this, advanced projects have a greater chance to succeed.

thinking outside the box

We recruit committed, creative and flexible people who will bring innovative solutions to your organization.

listening to the client’s needs

We carefully analyze each project in order to select specialists who will best fulfill the entrusted tasks.

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