Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Need someone to help you with the entire recruitment process so as not to burden your employees additionally? The SmartWays RPO service (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) is all about this. We will acquire your employees using our resources and know-how.

We will be in constant contact with you to monitor the changing needs of your company and the effects of our activities. In addition, specialists from Smartways recruitment agency can perform the RPO service by staying permanently at your company’s headquarters or hybrid. This will allow them to hire new people strictly according to your needs. With Smartways, recruitment becomes easy! Try recruitment process outsourcing and increase workforce planning and work efficiency with the qualified talent you hire.

How recruitment process outsourcing works?

The recruitment process activities that you can outsource to SmartWays are:

  • Creating a recruitment strategy.
  • Selecting and managing the necessary technologies and processes.
  • Acquiring and selecting potential employees, and then creating a short list of candidates.
  • Carrying out interviews, tests and assessments.
  • Onboarding

Advantages of Recruitment Process Outsourcing at Smartways

Speed and efficiency thanks to RPO partnership

If a company wants to remain competitive, it must constantly have a team of experienced employees with a wide range of competencies that coincide with its business profile. This is particularly important during the rapid growth phase of an organization when every vacancy inhibits the ability to utilize its potential fully. The same happens when companies decide to implement modern technologies and digitization. Then specialists who are familiar with technological innovations and have the competencies to facilitate critical changes are needed.

When you choose recruitment process outsourcing at Smartways, you are assured that recruitment processes take place as quickly as possible. As a result, your company can efficiently adapt new solutions and handle existing processes effectively and efficiently. However, it is worth remembering that it matters to the company’s daily competitiveness without the maximum possible efficiency. Therefore, you should always put agile HR operations first during recruitment processes.

Access to higher-class employees

The entire enterprise’s condition depends on the staff’s quality. Conducting recruitment projects on your own, without adequate experience and resources, may result in the acquisition of candidates that ultimately fail to meet the company’s expectations. The solution here is RPO, which, thanks to the use of proven recruitment procedures, allows you to find and hire “the best of the best” and benefit from a talent acquisition journey.

The current labor market problem is the shortage of employees who can perform higher functions in the organization or have specific competencies. Most often, advertisements are not enough to recruit them – the databases and know-how we have at our disposal are also essential. This allows our clients to hire valuable specialists and speed up recruitment processes as much as possible. Thus, by choosing the RPO service, you gain not only time but also money, as you quickly find right talent ready to start working and develop your business.

Optimization and lower costs

Our RPO activities are subjected to constant analysis. This allows us to optimize recruitment processes, ultimately increasing their efficiency, improving the quality of employment, and reducing service costs.

Savings for the client also result from the lack of the need to invest in headhunters or the job market independently. What is important here is often the lower efficiency of their HR departments, which, in addition to recruiting, must also deal with internal affairs.

Smartways recruitment agency can provide a high-end RPO solutions at an optimal price, often calculated as cost per hire. This is due to our years of experience, which has taught us how to streamline HR operations while delivering excellent quality and talent acquisition.

Why choose the RPO providers?

Many years of HR experience and proven recruitment procedures

Thanks to the fact that we have conducted many projects, we have become the best RPO providers in the labor market. As an RPO provider, we can easily customize the scope of HR services to meet your company’s needs. Our procedures are based on ones that have continually proven their effectiveness, which translates into the efficiency of our operations. We also guarantee constant access to expert knowledge and professional support at every stage of RPO recruitment that improves talent acquisition.

Smartways recruitment agency specialists are highly effective in recruiting talent for IT departments, new technologies, and financial, sales, and procurement positions – both in the permanent recruitment and temporary hiring process, hiring managers, and other specialists and workforce for better talent. Many years of experience, perspectives on key trends and an extensive network of contacts make the effectiveness of our activities and project RPO high – both in Poland and in foreign markets.

Extensive database of potential employees

Over the years, as a RPO provider, we at Smartways employment agency have gathered information that allows us to search for people with specific qualities and competencies efficiently. Our candidate databases are a great complement to activities based on job advertisements and social media. In addition to RPO recruitment, you can also benefit from our services in the following areas executive search, direct search or IT contracting.

Smartways’ RPO-specialized recruiters, combined with our contact base and know-how in modern HR methods, guarantee satisfaction from cooperation at every stage of acquiring new talent. With our help, you reduce the time needed to find a new employee with specific competencies to a minimum, better define the success metrics and thus talent acquisition will be efficient.

Professional HR interviews and negotiations

With tens of thousands of hours spent on recruitment interviews, we can hire the right people and provide the RPO service with the utmost care. When sourcing employees for senior or specialized positions, we can conduct successful negotiations even with the most demanding and challenging to convince candidates. We are well acquainted with the HR market and employer branding principles and care about the candidate experience. With unlimited access to our know-how, you are guaranteed a professional recruitment process.

Out-of-the-box approach to recruitment

As a RPO provider, we bring a fresh perspective to recruitment processes. At the same time, based on our years of experience, we are innovative and think in an open-minded way. This allows us to offer you a competent RPO and HR service with much creativity. It saves time and resources! We prioritize the satisfaction of our clients as well as candidates. This approach makes our relationships with business partners sustainable and resistant to market changes and key trends. Remember, each additional hour with project RPO brings you closer to hiring specialized and ambitious talent. The news achievements and innovations realized through this will certainly make the myths about outsourcing dispelled. So whether you are looking for talent in IT, finance, purchasing, or sales, you can count on Smartways recruitment agency specialists to support your recruitment processes. With us, smarter create agile solutions in HR becomes easy! If you want to know more about RPO providers vs traditional visit our blog!

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