Job offers. How to prepare for the job interview on their basis?

Preparing for an interview with an unknown employee closer to the company is looking for the analysis of information available on the web. The main information channel here are oferty pracy. They are often one of the few pieces of information about the position you are applying for. Unless they include the telephone number to contact the recruiter who would provide detailed information about the position, based on the messages from the job advertisement, you will have to predict what questions you may be asked and prepare a list of those that you would like to ask yourself during the interview. Today we will take a workshop on one of the job offers available in our database – Java Team Leader – and advise you on how to prepare for a recruitment interview on its basis.

Preparing for a job interview – what can you read from the job offer?
It is natural that the job offers contain descriptions of the requirements for a given position and basic information about the duties and the method of remuneration for work. On this basis, you can easily prepare information about what you have learned during the years of experience in subsequent positions, and – this is very important – why you resign from them in favor of the one you apply for.

What you don’t sometimes find in job offers?

It happens that the job offer does not contain information about which company is recruiting (as in the case of the advertisement we are discussing). In this situation, a series of questions will appear on your side:

  • what does the company do?
  • in what industry does it operate?
  • who are its creators?
  • what is the employee turnover level in this company?
  • and: why is recruitment partially secret?

There may be times when the “Terms of Reference” section is omitted or is poorly developed. This generates – beyond the basic: what will my responsibilities be? – the following questions:

  • is the scope of duties permanent or is it subject to modifications?
  • Will I report the progress of the tasks performed and to whom?
  • to what extent am I responsible for the implementation of projects?
  • am I free to organize my work, and if so – to what extent?
  • does the nature of the work involve group or individual activities?

Finally, it’s time for the section of the job offer that will interest you most: salary. It is a good practice for companies to provide the salary in the range and information about the type of contract offered. If I am not given – we are sure that you will ask for it. In addition, it is worth knowing the following issues:

  • what additional terms are attached to the contract? (is there an annex to it about non-competition or professional secrecy?)
  • are the provisions on the benefits referred to in the announcement included in the contract?


We hope that our article inspired you to make your own analyzes when it comes to substantive preparation for job interviews. Even those who have led you to succinct job offers. The basic skill here will be drawing conclusions from the information provided. We believe that you will be up to the first task.

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