10 signs that you need a recruitment agency

The recruitment agency not only helps you hire valuable employees and find the best specialists on the market. Hiring an agency to help filling in staff shortages or in response to demand in human resources is a lot more – it can become your company’s ambassador in the labor market. Thanks to the recruitment agency and its efforts, potential candidates have a real insight into your business – from employment conditions, to benefits offered, career opportunities and work culture.

It is worth entrusting the company image as an employer into the hands of professionals and winning a lot more than helping in recruitment.

How do you know that the right time for change has come?

1. You’re not sure who your ideal candidates are

If you know what position you will recruit, but you have a problem with determining the specific features and skills of this person. Why is it important? Because it is the basis for the job description and decides whether it will ultimately attract the right candidates. If the description is incomplete or not prepared properly, finding a good candidate will be extended and you will lose time and money. Recruiters are experts in helping companies identify these features.

2. The company is growing and needs employees with new or unusual competences

Do not leave recruitment for the newly opened departments to your HR department. Unless they have a lot of knowledge about the candidates you need. Give building a demanding department to specialists. The agency can take on the pressure of finding new and desired skilled candidates and even set them up so they are ready to start from day one. It is also a cost-effective and very scalable solution.

3. You have no idea where to find the ideal candidate for the role

If you already have a thoughtful job description and the type of candidate you are looking for, you are just at the beginning of the road. Now you have to actively look for people for a new position. The agency recruiters not only have an extensive base of candidates but also a thriving website that is watched by potential candidates, but also finds ideal locations to promote your offer – on social media, top online job boards or at the universities.

4. You think you employ the wrong people

It is a great disappointment when the company and its resources have made efforts to recruit a person, only to be a mistake. It does not matter if he does not fit the team, he does not have enough competence or he left the office for no reason. Experienced recruiters are able to recognize that a candidate may not be the ideal person for a given role and eliminate it at an early stage of the recruitment process, which increases the chance of employing an ideal choice. And it saves time and your money.

5. Nobody applies to your job offers

There is nothing worse than a feeling that no one wants to work in your company. You regularly announce vacancies, and yet there are very few candidates, not at all or they do not fit the role? Or, even worse, you have met the negative feedback from ex-candidates about your company? It probably has a background in the mistakes you make in recruiting. Agencies help enterprises at every stage of recruitment – from building an offer and researching staffing needs, to sourcing candidates, recruiting them and onboarding. And everything optimized so that the candidate has the best experience of the whole recruitment process.

6. You are recruiting for more than one position

The recruitment process takes a lot of time and resources, even if you’re looking for one employee and have a dedicated recruiting team member. When you have to hire more people, imagine the amount of precious time you will have to sacrifice to find the perfect candidates. This is the place at which the recruitment agency will work best. A good agency will adapt to the needs of your company – will send you an on-site recruiter who will recruit in your office, will work on demand or sign a temporary contract. Recruiting for many roles at the same time is the everyday life of recruiters from recruitment agencies.

7. The recruitment process takes forever

One of the main problems faced by companies during recruitment is that the process is not improved. Each step requires planning according to the team members responsibilities which takes much longer than necessary. Using an external recruitment company improves the recruitment process, relieves your employees from time-consuming activities and makes hiring faster and optimized.

8. You don’t have time for interviews and candidate’s selection

If the recruitment interviews became an unpleasant necessity and you happen to press them between other important meetings or neglect other duties because of them – it’s time for a change. The recruitment company will conduct interviews with candidates on its behalf, and you will receive a ready-to-hire list of recommended, best candidates.

9. Recruitment costs are getting out of control

You may be losing a lot of money because of bad decisions about recruitment in your company. If the expenses for the publication and promotion of job advertisements do not turn out in the form of good candidates who stay in the company for a longer period of time – seek professional help. Recruitment agencies not only have a huge database of people ready to change jobs at any time, but it also has access to attractive job boards and knows how to distinguish them to reach the right candidates. What’s more, you may pay after the recruitment process is finished, once you know that you have gained a good employee.

10. You want to add tests into the recruitment process

Testing the candidates is a fantastic tool that allows you to distinguish between the best candidates and the good candidates. Each reputable recruitment agency will be able to provide competency tests relevant to the given role. And also evaluate them and on this basis recommend the ideal candidate.

Have you experienced any of the above signs? If so, do not wait and contact our recruitment experts today to find out how we can improve recruitment processes in your company and help you reach your business goals faster.

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